Small exhibits

These include...

Rail heritage displays in the form of maps, photographs and topographical maps of the Blue Mountains; displaying the railway line and formations over the Blue Mountains.

Historical features on the development and progress of the railways on the Western Line, with particular emphasis on the Blue Mountains Region.

Watch the audio visual on climbing the Lapstone hill, and hear about the original zigzag and how the railway line was deviated over the years to provide a more suitable and efficient route over the Mountains.

Detail of the various stages of construction and the unique constructions which were provided to support the railways, particularly during the steam era.

Read the story of John Heron -- known as the Big Fish -- and the train named after him: The Fish and the second train The Chips.

See the paintings of steam locos which operated on the mountains and Artefacts including bicycle used to call crew to work at the museum, signalling equipment, signs, seating, historical photographs and paintings, etc.

Take a virtual 3D tour...

Roundhouse small exhibits room

Roundhouse Small Exhibits

District Locomotive Engineer's Room

District Locomotive Engineer's Room