End platform CBI Car

About the exhibit

Exhibit under restoration in carriage shed (not accessible for public viewing) 


The body was acquired by the society in late 1997 to replace the end-platform car lost in the Parramatta Park fire of 1993. To be used in a representation of the Camden tramway/railway.

The car-body arrived by road at Valley Heights on 13th February, 1998, but without bogies. Suitable bogies are available for use under the car, but need re-building.

Graciously chosen for a Federal Government Centenary of Federation Grant in. 2001, the 100 year old car was subjected to an extensive body re-building and partial exterior re-painting. That work continues, but now financed from society limited resources.

CBI1073 partially restored at Valley Heights
CBI1073 partially restored at Valley Heights


Steam Tram and Railway Preservation (Co-op) Society trading as Valley Heights Steam Tramway


This carriage is representative of those used on suburban trains prior to electrification in 1926. Originally numbered BB 1073. Built by the Clyde Engineering Co. (previously Hudson Brothers). The car was ordered in 1901 and delivered to the N.S.W.G.R. on 2nd August, 1902.

During July, 1936, the car was converted to a 1st class tourist car by the addition of toilets. Re-numbered in March, 1941.

In January, 1970, the car was again re-numbered to CBI 1073. i.e. a composite tourist car, but now with twenty eight 1st class seats and twenty-two 2nd class seats.

Withdrawn from service in 1974 to be burnt. Was reprieved and used as an amenity van at the Apprentice Training College, Chullora, from November, 1974 to June, 1975.

Sold on 2nd June, 1975, to a private property at Minore (near Dubbo), N.S.W.

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