News: Trains Trams and Ts at Valley Heights -- Sunday 23 February 2020

Valley Heights Rail Museum 28 Feb 2020 

Sunday 23 February heralded the return of this popular annual event as hundreds of visitors celebrated the ‘new’ Roaring 20s.

Local band, the ‘Little Black Ducks’, performed from a wide ranging playlist, with plenty of songs from the era, including an extended set on the ‘Valley Heights Mixed’ Steam Train. A colourful array of Model T Ford cars added some extra 1920s ambience, while the scene was complete with demonstrations by the Sydney Morsecodians, who entertained visitors with the mysteries of old-style communications – Morse code style!

Bonus action was provided by John & Ivy from Bathurst who showed (and rode!) their penny-farthing and unusual four wheel bicycles, while member Paul played a collection of 78rpm records on his wind-up gramophone to add a unique musical dimension to the day.

Three prizes were awarded in our Period Costume Competition photos and results.

The museum’s Executive Committee would like to thank all the visitors, exhibitors and volunteers who made the day so successful and enjoyable. START PLANNING YOUR OUTFIT FOR NEXT YEAR!