Where Santa found his lost elves

31 December 2023

Thanks very much to the many children and families who entered our 'Help Santa find his lost elves' competition in December. 


The Museum's Publicity Department has chosen the following entries as the best received by email, and that fulfilled the terms and conditions:



They have each been awarded a Family Pass to visit the Museum in the first half of 2024. Congratulations! 


Previously unadvertised consolation prizes have also been sent to several children in recognition of the effort and enthusiasm shown, across three families in the Blue Mountains and Sydney’s West. Well done to all. 


We look forward to seeing a great turnout for our Christmas events in 2024 and wish all our visitors, past, present and future a very happy new year. 

On top of TO THE TRAINS sign
in the shop

Near road overbridge at Station
in Valley Heights (model) Room

Between cab and tender on steam locomotive 5711

On side window of
steam tram 103A

Hiding in compressor on side of steam locomotive 3214

At top of ladder at rear of tender of steam locomotive 3214

In air horn on
diesel tractor X206

Hiding in Christmas wreath on smokebox door of steam locomotive 5461